Mandatory Arrest: A Flawed Policy Based on a
False Premise, by Richard L. Davis is a retired
police lieutenant, an adjunct instructor for Quincy
College at Plymouth, an author of two books and
numerous articles concerning domestic violence
and its intersection with the criminal justice
system and the President of
Sage comments welcomed at
People getting busy trying to make things better

Washington Shared Parenting brochure, excellent resource

Shared Parenting, a Guide for Parents Living Apart

FACTS OR FICTION Research Brochure by Dr. Linda Nielsen, Professor of
Women's Studies, Wake Forest University, ACFC President 2008
edu/~nielse , e-mail Nielsen@wfu.ed . If you would like to order in quantity
from ACFC give us a call at 800- 978-3237.  The brochure is designed to be
printed on both sides of 8.5 x 14 (legal sized) paper.

Model Parenting Plans: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Washington D.C.
Wisconsin (from "Updates in Michigan Family Law", Jeanne M. Hannah, Traver
City Family Lawyer.)
Excellent video on the need for equal parenting.
Mike McCormick of ACFC and Warren Farrell.
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